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Electrical Safety In Places Of Entertainment

Electrical safety is paramount and if it is not installed, monitored and managed properly it can have fatal consequences. There has been much evidence to suggest that there is a need to prevent electrical accidents from occurring in places of entertainment such as restaurants, cinemas, clubs etc. There have been recent developments and new legalisations that now apply to places of entertainment in order to protect both employees and other people who might be visiting these places from any electrical danger.

The new legalislation is documented in the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), this highlights the legal obligation to inspect, test and certificate electrical goods in the entertainment industry. Here is a summary of some of the key points highlighted throughout the document:

The electrical safety in places of entertainment is often the manager’s responsibility or those providing facilities for entertainers.This includes both the hard wiring (circuit cables, sockets, switches, fuse boards etc.) as well any portable equipment including extension leads connected to any sockets.

It is a legal obligation to prevent any electrical accidents from taking place in the first place, therefore electrical safety should be tested on a frequent basis to ensure that it is not damaged, faulty or hazardous.

The health and safety of employees and visitors should always be put first and maintained.

Visual inspections of electric appliances should also be carried out on a continual basis, however it is worth noting that not all faults can be detected visually therefore it is important that appliances and other electrical devices are tested using special testing equipment.

Advice should always be sought of someone who works in the electrical industry/ has the qualifications/ licenses to carry out any electrical related work.

What should be checked?

Mains Lead
Mains Plug
Equipment connector
Equipment cable
Mains on/ off switch
Equipment housing

Other electrical safety advice taken from the HSE document: 

All electrical parts should be insulated or enclosed at all times to prevent anyone from being electrocuted.

It is advised that all risks are evaluated, findings are recorded and any possible action is taken in order to remove any risk.

If third party electric equipment is being used in the entertainment industry then it is also advised that this is also tested for any faults beforehand.

If a generator is being used then it is vital that it has the correct installation / correct earthing.

Connection cubicles should always be locked.

Only items that are compatible with each other should be connected.

Protective devices such as  Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCBOs’ or RCDs’) should be used where needed.

Any equipment that is causing a fault should be removed.

Transformer outputs should always have protection.

The voltage and current must be appropriate for the selected device.

If sound systems are buzzing then that usually indicates a problem and protective earth connectors should not be removed.

Any employees working in spaces of entertainment must also promote a safe electrical environment and must work in accordance with any legalislation that concerns electrical safety.

To view the full documentation regarding electrical safety in spaces of entertainment click here.


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