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LED Lighting: Is It As Really As Good As They Claim?


There is much hype spoken about the benefits of LED lighting. Unfortunately in many cases the claims are hollow, energy savings are insufficient to enable reasonably short return on investment (ROI) – especially in the area of lay-in panels in offices for example, where the initial cost of a quality luminaire can take a long time to recoup and in fact may eat significantly into the rated life of the LED luminaire.

Modern fluorescent lighting, especially “T5” is already very efficient and retrofitting modern fluorescent is at best a marginal gain, especially when you consider the life expectancy of many of the LED panel as being between 30 – 50,000-hours before they too need to be replaced.

High frequency fluorescent control gear has a life expectancy of circa 50,000-hours and T5 tubes of 20,000-hours (or even 36,000-hours for GE LongLast T5). Tube replacement is a straight forward and usually inexpensive operation whereas; end of life LED luminaires will require complete luminaire replacement.

Floodlighting often fairs no better in terms of life expectancy at often between 20 and 30,000-hours and this factor of course needs to be taken into account, as invariably end of life requires the complete luminaire to be changed, not just the lamp.

Furthermore, although a lot of quality controlled and quality designed Chinese manufactured equipment is of perfectly sound quality, unfortunately a lot is certainly not and this fact alone has, and still does badly tarnish the reputation of the LED lighting industry.

Driving down price at the expense of quality is a very short-term view.

Premature chip and driver failure is not uncommon as is colour shift and lumen output degradation

Often the warranties offered prohibit 24-hour operation and are riddled with caveats such as “up to 15% chip failure does not constitute a warranty claim” – shocking!

LED Lighting – game changer (high quality industrial & commercial LED)

We design systems, supply and install only high quality European made industrial quality LED lighting and only in the right environment.

The benefit of high quality LED is realised when the following criteria are met: –

  • Dialight have been manufacturing LED lighting since the early 70’s
  • All components are either made in-house or sourced from quality Japanese manufacturers
  • Good control and dissipation of heat
  • High quality in-house designed and manufactured power supplies
  • Only prime quality CREE or Nichia LED’s used
  • Have been involved in LED technology for over 40-years
  • Main suppliers to companies such as Cisco (indication components), Nokia, IBM, Coca Cola, Nestle, Heinz, Exxon, BP, Chevron
  • Europe’s No 1 LED traffic signal manufacturer
  • OEM manufacturer for Siemens
  • UK manufacturer
  • Assembly and testing undertaken in the UK
  • 10-years full performance warranty against Luminaires failure Vigilant*
  • 373,000-hours rated life to L70 Vigilant (substantially higher than all of the competition)
  • Large UK PLC (FTSE listed)
  • Stable company with a good credit rating (should still be around in the unlikely event that a warranty claim should arise)
  • Global presence including USA, Mexico, Dubai, Singapore & Europe
  • 125-lumens output per watt (highest reliable efficiency in the industry)
  • IP66 rated
  • Operating temperature range -40’C to +65’C

A life expectancy of in excess of 350,000-hours, that equates to nearly 40-years – running 24-hours per day, every day.

Consider a retrofit for HQI high-bay lighting that we specified and installed in this example: –

Cold Store retrofit LED lighting (including refrigeration energy saving)

Metal Halide 400-watt Hi Bay load = 138kW
Durasite LED Hi bay replacements load =  33kW
Saving on refrigeration duty @ 4.2 COP = 25kW

Overall energy saving = 130kW

Nett running load reduced from 138Kw to 8Kw

Operation 24/7/365  = 1,133,544 kWh / year

Saving in maintenance costs = £4,975 / year

Total running & maintenance cost savings = £87,705.00 per year

Rated life of Durasite LED luminaires = >100,000hrs to L70

(or >11.4-years 24/7) –

The latest Vigilant range are even more efficient and with a life expectancy to L70 of in excess of 350,000-hours

Cost of installation = £124,000

Return on Investment = 17-months

Total energy & maintenance cost

savings throughout rated life of luminaires = £999,837.00

Now that’s value for money, it’s a “no-brainer”.

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