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Emergency Lighting Testing

In accordance with the requirements of BS5266, emergency lighting systems should be periodically tested and inspected to ensure that all luminaires function for design lighting levels, duration and are positioned (including signage) correctly for use in "power-loss situations".

ETS offer a comprehensive testing and assessment service to include the following: -

Battery discharge test
Lumen level output assessment
Survey to assess adequate coverage
Compatibility with BS requirements
Client training to carry out interim testing

Test Results

Having carried out testing, the results are presented in a high quality report which includes the following documentation: -

Asset Register (inventory of all items tested, together with locations)
Test Data (results of tests carried out on all luminaires)
Detailed instructions to client regarding interim testing requirements and method of achieving them)
Log Book (document for client to record all interim routine tests and any remedial actions required and subsequently taken)

For full surveys & inspections follow this link Fire Safety Assessment Emergency Lighting


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